Been a while since I posted anything, but wanted to show my latest costume, Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon 2!!

I cosplayed Hiccup for Melbourne Oz Comic Con (sat only), and despite being absolutely exhausted, I still had a great time :D

Big thanks to Mynameisagent and G-kie for their incredible help with this costume, and keeping me calm when I was dying ahah;;
And thank you to Shinomatrix for the lovely photos!

Some interesting facts about this costume:
- The compass on my vambrance is real and opens! The dagger can be pulled out too. The vambrace itself opens too, going to put the notebook pages in for next time!
- Anything that looks like leather is indeed real leather. First time working with leather ever. Beautiful material but so hard to use;; (my wallet cries)
- The brown vest has 350+ scales on it. Cutting that out was torture.
And even more torture was individually pressing/ironing all of them to create a ridge in the middle urrgghh
- The prosthetic was a mix of MDF, worbla, foamcore and a cardboard toilet roll (LOL GHETTO MAX). It was a pain to wear, and it still feels like its on my foot now. Its like reverse phantom limb idk.

There is still HEAPS more stuff I need to add to the costume and even more that needs to be improved/fixed, hopefully will have all that done for Smash!